Retail Recruitment Companies Bridge the Gap

The Indian retail market, which is the fifth largest retail destination globally, according to industry estimates it is estimated to grow to US$ 637 billion by 2015. Simultaneously, modern retail is likely to increase its share in the total retail market to 22 per cent by 2015.

The retail industry in India has come forth as one of the most dynamic and rapid-paced industries with abundant players entering the market. Cashing in on the growth prospects, many retail schools are coming up to equalise the demand for professionals with adequate supply. Also more and more students are taking on retail as a career option.

The growing retail sector in India has given rise to acute shortage of well trained retail people. And many a companies have accepted this problem as an opportunity. The market has seen a lot of retail recruitment companies cropping up in the recent times. Retail Recruitment Company is an agency that really understands your business and knows where to find the best talent nationwide for both permanent and temporary requirements. First Serve Communications is one such customer service recruitment agency. It has been placing retail professionals in reputed companies all over India and abroad for over 2 years.

Campus recruitment is the main criteria among students while choosing a retail institute. It is with the knowledge of these that a student can know where he would finally land up. Now all retail education-providing institutes have tied up with various customer service recruitment agencies which in turn have a lot of tie ups with the retailers. In a way it is a bridge between the skilled professionals and the retailers.

Though retailing is a promising career, but to begin with, many students have some resentment regarding the work they would be required to do. Previously there is a notion among them that they would be required to work in a store, which they were not too happy about. “We have not spent four years at a retail school to work in a store”, they often argued. But the perception is widely changing. The students feel that to understand the marketing strategies and the customers, it is very important to be at the front end and interact with them, which is not possible if you directly move into the corporate nutshell.

Retailers might see it as a problem to find the right person to be the first touch point of their brand but many have seen this as an opportunity. Retail business has given birth to another business in the form of proving retail resource solutions to the clients. With a lot of students shaping up their minds to enter the retail firms, this seems to be a win-win situation for both retailers and professionals & retail recruitment companies are ready to extract their share of the pie.